Taking Britain over the cliff edge with no-deal Brexit is not acceptable when livelihoods are at risk - Yorkshire Post letters

From: David Howram, Lady Heton Drive, Mirfield.

I REFER to the Brexit opinion columns by Gina Miller and Peter Lilley (The Yorkshire Post, October 7). Gina Miller states that “blind belief is not enough” and Peter Lilley conversely states “don’t panic”. Both correspondents are, of course, debating a “no-deal Brexit” scenario.

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I have not failed to notice the almost tribal “Remainer/Leaver” nature of many of the letters that are submitted to The Yorkshire Post on a daily basis. Many people voted for both Remain and Leave in the 2016 referendum, each for many of their own different and all complex reasons and beliefs. It was as though at the time the European Union was being blamed for the dire state of the UK economy, firstly for the banking crash of 2008, and secondly for the six years of austerity that the UK people had endured since 2010 when the Conservative party were elected to Government.

I believe the complexity of either leaving or remaining within the EU was not fully brought to the attention of the British people by the then Prime Minister David Cameron. Indeed on the island of Ireland the land border issue was hardly mentioned, where no doubt the people there would be more affected than most. Indeed the majority of the people of Northern Ireland voted to remain. The 2016 referendum has now well and truly divided the country.

The result of which has left people at best tribally referring to their fellow countrymen as either Remainers or Leavers and of more concern is the increasing use of divisive abusive language.

After reading both essays written by Gina Miller and Peter Lilley, I honestly do believe Ms Miller’s conclusion that “worrying questions remain, and soon it will become clear who is on the side of people and who isn’t”.

I believe that politicians should be made more accountable, because years and decades on from now the British people (our children and grandchildren) will be left to “pick up the pieces” when the politicians who have instigated this Brexit arrangement will be long gone. I side with Gina Miller that “blind belief is not enough because there is too much at stake for our people”. I am unable to reconcile with the “don’t panic” approach of Lord Lilley. It cannot be acceptable in a state of blind belief to take the country over the cliff edge with a no-deal Brexit, people’s livelihoods are at stake. The country deserves better than a “don’t panic”/all-will-be-well type of assurance regarding this sorry state of affairs.