Teachers have time to recover

From: Debbie Davies, Hartlington Court, Baildon, Shipley.

I WAS interested to read (Yorkshire Post, November 2) that the new head of Ofsted has called for teachers to be given more time off because they are suffering from burnout.

There is no doubt that there are a lot of hardworking, enthusiastic teachers out there who do a very good job but they have a chance to recover during the school holidays – at least 13 weeks a year – unlike other workers.

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Teachers should lead by example and I also think it is important to have consistency – it can’t always be helped but as much as possible pupils should have the same teacher for a school year.

Australia tour makes us proud

From: Ruthven Urquhart, High Hunsley, Cottingham.

SHOULDN’T we all be so proud of our lovely Queen and her loyal husband, having just completed such a highly successful tour of duty in Australia?

Most of us, in our 80s (plus), will readily accept the inevitable “slippers and settled” retired life.

Immigration is increasing

From: G Ellison, Hawthorn Avenue, Dronfield.

DAVID Cameron in PM’s Question Time last Wednesday said that his Government was getting a grip on immigration.

Someone ought to remind him that since his mob have been in power, immigration has increased, as always under Tory governments.