Testing time in way to find crossword solutions

From: Judith Kay, Oaks Green Mount, Rastrick, Brighouse.

I WAS puzzled by the comments from John Rookes concerning the Saturday General Knowledge crossword clues (Yorkshire Post, February 11).

Indeed there are many crossword aids available online, and dictionaries in book form are often found in homes, so why he is so frustrated and feels that the crossword is testing access to a computer is a puzzle in itself to me.

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No-one has to use a computer for assistance in solving clues, if a clue is beyond him then he can just leave it unsolved. That’s what I do, then look at Monday’s solution to find what I missed and learn from that.

I am not certain that Mr Rookes is referring only to the General Knowledge crossword, and not including the prize crossword as well, but the same logic applies to all.

As it does to so many things, like the switch-off button on televisions if something unsavoury is shown, rather than making a fuss.

We are only ruled by computers if we wish to be.

From: Ron Jevons. Muncastergate, York.

THANK goodness that someone has spoken out regarding the difficulty level of the Saturday General Knowledge Crossword.

Like Mr J Rookes, I have been frustrated for years at my inability to even half finish the crossword on any given Saturday.

It should not be necessary to have to take up reference to either computer or encyclopaedia to be able to even approach a finish to what is supposed to tax the resources of your own brain.