Thank you Boris Johnson, criminality now has new defence as ‘rule of six’ law takes effect – Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Simon Blakey, Old Road, Bradford.

Boris Johnson is facing mounting criticism over Brexit and Covid-19.

I HAVE recently communicated to the Brandon Lewis, the Northern Ireland Secretary, the delight with which the criminal community in Bradford, my home town, has reacted to the expression he used to describe Government policy in Parliament last week.

“Breaking the law in a specific and limited way” can now represent a new defence in both Magistrates’ and Crown Courts.

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It is already a ready piece of repartee in response to police officers threatening offenders with arrest.

Boris Johnson at a Downing Street press conference last week as lockdown restrictions were tightened.

From: Peter Hyde, Driffield.

ANYONE with half a brain could have seen that the relieving of coronavirus restriction would result in another rise infections.

Those people who engaged in protests of all kinds, and the pub goers, are two of the main causes.

Unless a modicum of common sense takes over, it will be many years, if ever, before things get back to normal.

From: Graham Jackson, Cheltenham Gardens, Halifax.

IT goes to show how poor a state TV journalism is in when, at the first Downing Street TV conference for some time, we are at the start of a second wave of Covid, thousands have lost their lives and the best Robert Peston can come up with is the question “Is Christmas cancelled this year?”

From: Dick Lindley, Normanton.

URSULA von der Leyen, President of the EU Commission, Michael Barnier, EU chief negotiator and Charles Michel, President of the EU Council, all appear to be incandescent with rage because our Prime Minister has finally shown them that the British lion still has all his teeth, and that we will come out fighting for our independence and sovereignty when our European cousins try to back us into a corner.

Well done, Boris, please show those EU bureaucrats that we sincerely believe in the words which we sing at the Last Night of the Proms: ‘Britons never never never shall be slaves’.

From: Jas Olak, Press Officer, Leeds for Europe.

THE Prime Minister is quoted saying the worst version of Brexit – no-deal – would still be a “good outcome” for Britain (The Yorkshire Post, September 8).

Severing all EU links would disrupt trade further and 
mean even more job losses 
than any “oven-ready” Brexit promised, but still not delivered, by this Government. A good outcome? I doubt even Boris Johnson believes Boris Johnson there.

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James Mitchinson