There are bigger issues, but let’s get the flag right

From: DF Chambers, Sladeburn Drive, Northallerton.

IN response to MP Fitzgerald’s letter (Yorkshire Post, March 12), I am among those whose letters on the right way to fly the Union Flag have kindly been published by the Yorkshire Post on several occasions.

I think I once promised I would never again write on the subject, but I was lying. I’d like to assure Mr Fitzgerald and his acquaintances that the majority of national flags, including our own, can certainly be upside down.

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Ask a Dutchman, for example. And incidentally “whiners and whingers” are precisely those who do not require “this way up” added to the design of our flag.

It’s not the end of the world of course, but officially an upside-down Union Jack is read either as a cry of distress or a deliberate insult to the nation.

Not to worry, no doubt it won’t be long before our flag is legally replaced by a blue one with a circle of yellow stars, which can be flown any way up (and without disturbing the rescue services or the Armed Forces).

I agree there are more serious concerns, and the survival of the Post Office is certainly one. My own concern is for the future cost of our electricity and the prospect of power cuts every time the wind stops blowing.