The threat from asbestos is still with us today

From: Craig Evans, General Manager, United Kingdom Asbestos Training Association.

I WAS saddened by a story in Lincolnshire about Carole Hill, a 77-year-old mother of four who died as the result of asbestos exposure when washing her husband’s clothes. Unfortunately, it is sad but true that this story is not unique, as the dangers of asbestos were not widely understood during the 60s.

This case acts to raise awareness of the threat of asbestos, not just to your readers’ health, but to the health of their families as well. Now that we know the dangers, displaying a sense of bravado when it comes to the substance is inexcusable.

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When left undisturbed, the “silent killer” is harmless. However the danger comes when toxic asbestos spores become airborne as the result of any disturbance to the materials.

With many thinking the threat is a thing of the past, firms are putting the issue down the list of priorities when it comes to health and safety training.

We currently have a list of more than 170 UKATA approved members who provide training on the safe identification, handling and disposal of asbestos to contractors across the country. If you’re a contractor who has not received the correct training in accordance with HSE legislation, I urge you to consider why?