A tide of annoyance at Sarah’s Whitsun error

From: David Spence, Horkstow, North Lincolnshire.

I HAD to check the date of Sarah Todd’s column to see if it was April 1 or November 1 (The Yorkshire Post, November 1). Surely somebody in the editorial team knows when Whitsun is, even if Sarah has had a mental block!

It is not surprising that no-one uses Whitsun to describe the October half term, as Whitsun comes seven weeks after Easter, and while Easter does move in the calendar I have never known it in September.

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We will be harvesting corn in January next. Oh dear, the seasons are so mixed up these days!

From: JB Glen, Landing Lane, Newport, Brough.

WHITSUN is 50 days after Easter and is usually now called by the Biblical term, Pentecost.

From: I M Asquith, Sunnyhill Croft, Wrenthorpe.

RE Sarah Todd, it us incredible that anyone should think “Whitsun” is in October and confuse it with potato picking. Whitsunday, like Easter, is a variable date and follows 50 days after Easter. It is only since we fixed the May bank holiday it has been overlooked by the masses.

It causes me considerable grief to think that someone is so ignorant of Christian festivals.