Time to dismantle dreaded tyranny of PC

From: Mike Maas, Woodbank Road, Rivelin, Sheffield.

WITH reference to the Rotherham scandal, we need to consider very seriously how we can stop similar dreadful outrages happening again. Professor Jay said that it was also happening elsewhere in the UK.

I think it would greatly help if we abolished PC – political correctness.

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PC began with worthy intentions but it has become a curse, a fierce taboo with savage penalties. It has caused a decades-long series of follies, unfairness and, as in this case, capitulations to cruelty and evil, against which people dare not protest.

The wretched officials of Rotherham were terrified of being labelled racist and losing their jobs, perhaps for life.

So they allowed the girls to be raped and terrified instead. How many of us, faced with those penalties, would not have done the same?

Governments have invented and encouraged political correctness and could and should now dismantle it, but I see little sign of that. Are they perhaps, like the Rotherham officials, paralysed by the fear of it?