Time for more light and less heat in debate on immigration

From: David McKenna, Hall Gardens, Rawcliffe, Goole.

your correspondent Barrie Frost addresses two subjects (Yorkshire Post, January 4). Initially, the attack is against Nick Clegg but then expands to include that old chestnut, immigration.

I have no truck with Clegg who hops from one foot to the other in his endeavour to please both the liberal elite and the right-wingers of his now discredited bunch of MPs but what I do find 
more than enough to bear is the never-ending bind about people from Romania and Bulgaria, or indeed from any EU country, entering the UK and whose “impact on services such as schools, hospitals, jobs, housing etc will be catastrophic”.

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There is little mention in the media of those home-grown individuals whose life choices have similar effects on the 
health service, social services, education etc.

Would it not be more advantageous to sort out these first?

From: RC Curry, Adel Grange Close, Leeds.

NIGEL Farage really needs to make up his mind whether the country is overcrowded with immigrants or not.

What is the difference between Syrian refugees and those from other violent places in Africa, migrating via Italy, or those 
from long oppressed Eastern Europe?

The truth is that there will be good and bad alike, some will look for work and be a credit to themselves, others will choose an easier option if they are allowed to do so.

Of course, if they want to work, there has to be work for them 
to do.

At the moment the country is short of jobs for the resident population, especially the young, and more of our older generations are carrying on working into what would have been retirement, or to supplement pensions.

Then, what about all those from the Antipodes, especially in London, who are holding jobs which could go to more local claimants?

The fact is that the whole issue of people movement needs examining away from the political football which it has become and, quite frankly, the irresponsible daily frighteners of the more flamboyant Press do nothing to help.

From: Peter Klauza, Nottingham.

WITH reference to the various articles and TV coverage on immigration (Yorkshire Post, December 31), I have a 
particular contentious view on immigration.

As for business leaders and London gaining from them, they will simply exploit cheap labour at any cost. The UK is overcrowded.

We simply don’t have the housing or roads to support new immigrants. Where are we going to put them, and are our roads not already congested enough?