A toast to soft drinks firm

From: Tom Gomersall, Neville Road, Gargrave, Skipton.

I AM writing to offer my congratulations to the family of Ben Shaws on the 140th anniversary of the firm.

I do not know which of my old friends in the company still survive but I was part of the Magpie Soft Drinks company at Tingley, Wakefield and was privileged to know Michael Shaw and several other members of his family. I had a great respect for Michael, who was very helpful to me on many occasions.

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I was president of the Yorkshire Soft Drinks Association for two years and enjoyed the friendship of many soft drinks manufacturers during this time and other times.

Star chef

From: Christine M Haigh, Barkisland, Halifax.

I WAS delighted to see Dorothy Sleightholme’s photograph on the letters page (Yorkshire Post, July 15). I regard the letters page as the best in your newspaper.

If ever there was a discussion about TV chefs, I would pipe up and say that I have never found anyone as neat and dainty at rolling out pastry and as deft as Mrs Sleightholme.

Farmhouse Kitchen was a star programme mainly because of her delicate skills, but it was also enhanced by Mrs Sleightholme’s unsophisticated, genuine, unassuming manner – always neat, always simple.

PM a let down

From: Roger M Dobson, Ash Street, Cross Hills, near Keighley.

LAST year when Her Majesty gave David Cameron permission to form a government I am sure that I was but one among millions who thought that we at last had a man of integrity at the helm.

But what does he do? He makes cuts to the police, the justice system, the health service and sends foreign aid all over the world when he is telling the world that we are bankrupt.