Toll of banks’ best people

From: Gerald Hodgson, Spennithorne, Leyburn.

I DO not know whether to 
laugh or cry when I read that the banks cannot stop paying outrageous bonuses to their staff because they would risk losing their “best people”.

These are presumably the 
same “best people” whose 
greed and reckless dealing bankrupted their employers, 
put hundreds of thousands 
of decent people out of work 
and caused problems for the nation which will take years 
to solve.

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Block these nuisance calls

From: Leslie Biggs, Eastfield Lane, Dunnington, York.

AS usual, I received four calls the other afternoon from India – two asking for me, one my wife, one the householder, prior to this two click off calls when the phone was answered.

I have complained to BT, they do not want to know. Only advice given was to change number, or pay for a pin number for foreign calls.

There must be loads of other folk the same? How about pressure on BT to filter or block these nuisance calls?

Bitch bother

From: John Gordon, Whitcliffe Lane, Ripon.

IN the canine world, the female dog is called a “bitch” but because that term is used in 
a derogatory way when 
applied to humans, I have noticed that puppies are now called “girls”. This a pity 
because “bitch” is a useful technical term.

It seems to me to be wrong 
to treat an animal like a doll. How far will this anthropomorphism go?

Shall we be asked to call a kennel a “wendy-house”?