Tory is breath of fresh air after odious Labour

From: Bob Watson, Springfield Road, Baildon, West Yorkshire.

It is not easy having to listen to the continued pontificating of the odious Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls (as one reader memorably and accurately described him recently), especially when he speaks on the economy, having been one of the architects of the shambles that it became.

That he now considers that he is the person to sort out the economic mess simply beggars belief.

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Unfortunately we also have to listen to the Shadow Financial Secretary to the Treasury, Chris Leslie, a young career politician who has never done a “proper” job in his life, but who intends to climb the slippery political pole come what may.

That he has so little business experience in the outside world makes no difference whatsoever, of course. It was bad enough when he was the MP for Shipley, then making sure that he trod the party line at all times so that he never blotted his copybook.

Having eventually been rejected by the voters of Shipley he was, unsurprisingly, given a safer seat elsewhere.

The thought of these two being involved in a future government really doesn’t bear thinking about.

Thankfully, we at least now have an MP in Shipley in Philip Davies who speaks his own mind, upholds the views of his constituents, and will vote against his party if he feels strongly enough on a particular issue.

He is also someone who has had previous business experience prior to entering Parliament, something that perhaps should be considered a priority for future candidates?

Without doubt he is a breath of fresh air, something that the two earlier individuals certainly cannot provide.