Is Tory candidate the right man for the job?

From: John Watson, Hutton Hill, Leyburn.

with all due respect to Rishi Sunak, I have my doubts whether he is the right person to represent Richmondshire at the next General Election. It seems that your leader writer (The Yorkshire Post, October 13) was of the same mind.

The Editorial says that he is a very accomplished individual and could one day reach one of the high offices of State. That, to me is not the point. I would have preferred to have a local man or woman who knows the area and is familiar with what makes it tick. Being a Cabinet Minister would mean that he or she would be away from the constituency too much, as was the case with William Hague.

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Being a past employee of Goldman Sachs does not necessarily mean he is suitable for an area like this, which is mainly agricultural and whose occupants call a spade a spade.

I think that our Parliament does not enough people who have experienced the practicalities of life. Being an MP for a rural constituency is a different ball game to one which is urban with members coming from the big Metropolitan areas.

However, I hope Mr Sunak enjoys his time in Yorkshire where I am sure the people of the county will show him that living in a beautiful area like this will be worth his while.