On track for laughter

From: Nino Hoblyn, North Street, Caistor, Lincolnshire.

WHO, after reading your headline “Revamp on railways would bring £12bn boost to UK economy” (Yorkshire Post, April 27), broke down into fits of uncontrolled laughter?

Because what we see here is nothing more than a fairy tale made up by folk who haven’t got two grey cells to rub together in that big old empty cranium of theirs. £12bn? Even if it were true, £10bn of it goes to the IMF while the rest is shared out to those who either sit or scratch their bottoms all day long in the House of Commons.

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Full square for Bradford

From: Iain Morris, Caroline Street, Saltaire, Bradford.

NICK Ahad has made much of Bradford’s empty shops and the artists who are using these business premises (Yorkshire Post, April 25).

Forster Square retail park in the city centre has a lot of shopping on offer without an empty unit in sight.

The Airedale and Wharfedale lines as well as trains from Leeds run into Forster Square station which services this part of the city centre very well and there is plenty of car parking provided for today’s shoppers at the retail park.

Travelling in by train this week, I came away with a top brand of shoe which has only attracted admiring comment.

Protecting our civil liberties

From: Craig Harrison, York Road, Leeds.

I READ with interest that in a vote in the European Parliament neither of the region’s Liberal Democrat Euro MPs (Rebecca Taylor and Edward McMillan Scott) voted against the transfer of EU air passengers’ personal data to the US authorities.

You have ask the question if they can’t even protect our civil liberties what’s the point of the Liberal Democrats?

When in Rome

From: Max Nottingham, St Faith’s Street, Lincoln.

ROME expert Mary Beard is getting some daft backlash over her clothes. Surely professors are seldom snappy dressers?