Trading with Europe is not being isolationist

From: D Wood, Thorntree Lane, Goole.

DON Burslam (Yorkshire Post, March 16), in replying to my letter of March 1, completely misses the point as he usually does when defending the German-led EU dictatorship. I never proposed that Britain should become isolationist.

In fact, the exact opposite by trading more with the world outside the EU.

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In comparing Singapore with Britain, I was merely pointing out that small countries can be independent, run by their own democratically-elected governments for their own countries and for the benefit of their people without being dictated to by the likes of the unelected bureaucrats of the EU.

The EU has 500 million people, half of whose countries are now bankrupt thanks to the EU’s stupid policies.

The rest of the world has 6.5bn people, at least half of which live in booming economies like China, India, Brazil, and the resurgent USA. Freed of the EU shackles these are the countries we should be looking at to increase trade with, as was always the case until we were stupid enough to join the Common Market.

Recent trade figures suggest that I might just be right in this matter. Reports show that trade with the rest of the world is increasing whilst that with the EU is contracting.

Mr Burslam is obviously taken in by Europhile propaganda that the EU would not trade with us if we left.

Some of their biggest and certainly most lucrative markets are in Britain. They will not turn their backs on these markets as they would be the biggest losers.

We need to govern ourselves and make our own trading conditions which are best suited to British needs, not those of Germany and France, as is the case with the EU.

Contrary to Mr Burslam’s view, we are more isolated in the EU than we would be out of it. The EU is in terminal decline, but there is a big world of emerging and fast growing economies out there wanting to trade, and it would appear they want to buy British products.

We must grab our share and leave the EU to die a slow lingering death.