Training no excuse for yobbish behaviour

From: Allan Yeaman, Buttercross Close, Skellow, Doncaster, South Yorkshire.

I DO not usually find cause to object or complain about people enjoying leisure time at weekends. However, I do abhor yobbish, selfish behaviour in a public place.

The other Saturday while walking round the lake to feed ducks and admire the fish, I was shocked to see a high-powered Gemini-type rescue craft circling and manoeuvring at high speed across the lake for at least 20 minutes, before a rest to change personnel.

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This contravenes the many various prominent notices on and around the surrounding area.

At the boat’s point of access a rescue dog exercise was in operation, and on enquiry I was told no one was in charge and no one would admit or accept responsibility, stating they had permission and were learning to drive.

A strange admission to make considering the speed and the actions of the driver, with several young children on board and taking place nowhere near where the rescue dogs were being trained. In addition, it was causing obvious distress to the birds and fish.

How long before this “authorised” behaviour is thought to be an excuse to ignore the signs and other people, including children, and find relief during hot weather?

Notices warn of toxic algae in the lake, yet the people training the dogs were swimming in the water.

If any tragedy happened here as a result will the dog rescue people or councillors who gave permission for this breach accept responsibility? I doubt it.