True champions deserve awards

From: Michael Iveson, Summerbridge, Harrogate.

MAY I congratulate two Yorkshire sports people on their receipt of the MBE, Jamie Peacock and Sarah Stevenson (Yorkshire Post, February 23). Both are noted for always giving it their best shot.

It is particularly satisfying to see the award to Sarah, a true world champion, who has continued to produce world-class performances despite the worries of family illness.

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She is surely to be admired and is an example to everyone who exists against a difficult background.

When we consider some of today’s highly-paid prima donnas, who use any excuse for poor performances, and the flimsy basis on which many people receive awards, then we should appreciate Sarah all the more, though she will probably feel embarrassed.

Take the lead on Syria bloodshed

From: John Gordon, Whitcliffe Lane, Ripon.

CAN we sit in our front rooms watching the carnage in Syria for a hundred years (Yorkshire Post, February 23)?

For a hundred years was the length of the wars between England and France from 1337 and 1453, but I believe we have evolved into a more caring people since then as shown in our reaction to the plight of the Libyan people recently.

The politicians must find a solution to the Syrian problem and we should lead the way as David Cameron did in Libya.

Signs of waste

From: Harry Moore, Leeds Road, Ilkley.

I HAVE often wondered, when driving the M6 and A66 how much year-end-remaining funding the Highways Agency was trying to unload when it plastered these roads in Cumbria with scores of signs saying nothing more than “The Highways Agency”.

With two signs directing motorists to Masham at a quoted price of £187,000 (Yorkshire Post, February 24) , the sums involved in Cumbria must have been staggering unless, of course, the Agency charges itself less for signs that neither inform nor serve any useful purpose.