Trying to contact a human being at British Gas

From: Mr and Mrs J W Moorfoot, Zamor Crescent, Thurcroft, Rotherham.

WE are writing to you with a grouse which we feel very strongly about.

I am 81 and my wife is in her 80s. We are sick of phone calls from British Gas, not a “person” but a Metal Mickey as we call them.

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If you try to speak to them you actually can’t; you have to press this, press that. The frustration is unbelievable and if you have any questions, well, forget it.

You feel a complete fool trying to converse with a recording and by this point the blood pressure is sky high.

You may well ask why would anyone want to get through to a person at British Gas? Our problem is a letter from British Gas informing us that I need to read my own meter or they will estimate our bill.

I know I am old, but not senile and an estimated bill could mean we have to pay more than we should.

So, like fools, we read our meter and then rang British Gas. So Metal Mickey was there again – press this for that – press that for this. You can’t ask if the number they are telling you to press is actually the right one.

We have had to abandon our endeavours to pass on our meter reading. Do people not come out any more and read meters? Oh, I forgot, we can if we wish put our meter reading online but don’t these people realise that some of us don’t have computers and some of us would like to speak to a human being?