Tuning in to the right station but wrong music

From: Maureen Hunt, Woolley, near Wakefield.

WHEN switching on Classic FM in my car, as I sometimes do when driving home from shopping in Wakefield, I always remember Brian Sheridan’s disparaging comments about listeners to this station (Yorkshire Post, November 6, 2008). His subsequent abject apology was read and much appreciated but I still recall his earlier aversion with a smile.

Recently, I turned on in the middle of Rachmaninov’s 2nd Piano Concerto. This is the only piece of music which, as a teenager, stopped me in my tracks and rooted me to the spot until it had finished.

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It was so beautiful, I just couldn’t believe it. It still has the same effect on me today and, aided and abetted by 
the superb autumn colours, 
I was transported to a 
wonderful world far away from our present trials and tribulations.

Just as the music reached its climactic end, I drove into my drive and learned that I had been listening to Grieg’s Piano Concerto. Ah well, it was amazing music.

I wonder if the time will come when I will be able to watch the same film on the television twice, without recognising it?

That would be a bonus, as they are repeated so often on the box nowadays.