Turning Britain into Tescoland

From: Barry Foster, High Stakesby, Whitby.

I was really interested to see in your newspaper yet another proposed supermarket in Tescoland, this country of ours.

This company must really be able to exercise some pressure on the various planning departments to achieve the building of these sheds. Its all right our councillors gleefully rubbing their hands and saying look what they are providing.

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They are providing nothing may I say that councils should not be providing as their normal provisions for the community These things should come out of the extra large local taxes we provide.

In any event why do we need all these supermarkets when there are sufficient now to meet everyone’s needs.

Obviously all we seem to do is eat, looking at all the obese people around. They don’t seem to loose any weight trailing around the supermarkets filling their baskets to overflowing. I can’t wait to see the grab for the Christmas Food.

I don’t know about smoking adding a burden to the health service they ought to look at obesity and drinking. How is that for starters.

Tax the aviation industry fairly

From: N Bywater, Airedale Terrace, Morley, Leeds.

Four airlines from the UK and Irish Republic are calling for the Government to scrap Air Passenger Duty.

What a fantastic opportunity to freeze or lower vehicle fuel tax, and VAT on fuel. If our Government could raise more money from people travelling abroad, perhaps that would allow them to freeze taxes on the motorist instead of more fuel increases.

It only seems fair to tax aviation fuel and vehicle fuel at the same rate. Why should the motorist pay all they do in tax, when the aviation industry get away Scot free. You can fly abroad cheaper than a short car or even bus journey; where is the sense in that?

People such as Michael O’Leary has made himself a very good living from Ryanair and would this have been possible if the aviation industry was taxed fairly?