Two-faced way to treat soldiers

From: Peter Walton, Knaresborough.

THE recent sentencing of a Royal Marine for killing a Taliban guerrilla smacks (yet again) of political interference in the British legal system. It is similar to the sentencing Morant, Handcock and Witton received as Australian soldiers serving Britain for killing Boer guerrillas during the Boer War. Who would be a member of the Armed Forces when you have such two-faced politicians on your side?

Don’t be surprised if a future Afghanistan government contains Taliban guerrillas; after all, the lives of service personnel aren’t as important as political expediency.

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Criminal to put the word out

From: Keith Sturdy, Grimbald Road, Knaresborough.

I WAS pleased and somewhat relieved to read that North Yorkshire Police managed to catch a few criminals last Wednesday during their day of action. The reason I say this is because whoever was in charge of this operation quite stupidly informed the media the day before so it was broadcast throughout the county.

I’m surprised that every travelling criminal from Newcastle to Nottingham, and Hull to Manchester, didn’t take a day off. What happened to the element of surprise?


From: K Atkinson, Gale Lane, Acomb, York.

AGAIN and again, we see the spectre of huge pay-offs for NHS managers.

These people are paid large salaries for not much return, then paid off, only to move into another situation within the NHS.

As you quoted in a recent article, there are 8,000 fewer managers since 2010 – I don’t suppose they have been missed.

Try justifying this to people waiting at A&E, and those who cannot get treatment on financial grounds.