The U-turn which we want to see is on the EU

From: D Wood, Thorntree Lane, Goole.

The Prime Minister, David Cameron, has recently been accused of making a number of U-turns on various government policies.

These are not U-turns, but an acknowledgement, in the light of concern, that the said policies may be wrong, flawed or a re-think may be in order.

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The U-turn was a term invented by the dogmatic Mrs Thatcher who incorrectly thought she was always right.

This trait has been adopted by our political elite of whatever hue ever since. They think that they know best and do not need to listen to us mere voters.

Mr Cameron appears to be listening to us just a little – his latest change of heart over the justice system changes is most welcome (he needs to get rid of the useless Secretary of State for Justice, Ken Clarke though) but a number of his new changes are non-starters.

Bashing a burglar (that’s a good idea) and changing the law on squatters (that’s another great idea and on that’s long overdue) are, however, non-starters because of two huge stumbling blocks – the Human Rights Act and the EU.

Mr Cameron now needs to make a complete U-turn (sorry, I mean change of mind) on the EU.

With the euro experiment now proved to be a failure, and costing us billions to support, it must be dismantled quickly, followed by the EU itself as this too is a failed experiment and will surely end in tears.

Come on, Mr Cameron, prove you have what it takes and give the people of this country what they most want an in-out referendum on the EU.