The unfairness that rich Remainers like Gina Miller can thwart Brexit – Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Paul Morley, Long Preston, Skipton.

Anti-Brexit campaigner Gina Miller after the Supreme Court ruling on the prorogation of Parliament.
Anti-Brexit campaigner Gina Miller after the Supreme Court ruling on the prorogation of Parliament.

DAVID Howram seems to miss the blindingly obvious in supporting Gina Miller (The Yorkshire Post, October 10). We are in the current dire straits over Brexit because the likes of her refused to accept the majority vote.

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And, as she and her backers seem to have bottomless pockets, they have been in a position to thwart Brexit. If they had left well alone, things would have been sorted out by now.

Parliament will meet this Saturday to debate Brexit - the first time there has been a Saturday sitting since the Argentine invasion of the Falklands in 1982.

From: Thomas W Jefferson, Batty Lane, Howden, Goole.

YOUR correspondents Mrs B Bunton and Mr A Bates (The Yorkshire Post, October 5) have allowed themselves to fall for the demographics argument whereby another referendum will see a Remain majority because the last one was won by old Leavers many of whom will now be beyond such cares.

The funny thing about the pensioner demographic is that it just keeps getting bigger. As one departs, more than one joins and there is no immutable law of politics that says “Remainers remain Remainers”.

Do you back Boris Johnson over Brexit?

From: Robert Bottamley, Thorn Road, Hedon.

A SIGNIFICANT misrepresentation contained in John Van der Gucht’s recent letter to The Yorkshire Post invites correction.

In his final sentence, your correspondent berated ‘‘Brexiteers’’ for accepting a representative parliament ‘‘ninety-nine per cent of the time’’ – but insisting we be governed by referendum so far as the question of leaving or remaining in Europe is concerned. It is not so. What Mr Van der Gucht declines to acknowledge is that our representative Parliament decided this matter should be determined by the result of a referendum.

From: Coun Tim Mickleburgh (Lab), Boulevard Avenue, Grimsby.

What will be the impact of Brexit on exports?

THOSE unhappy with what the Prime Minister is doing forget that the country voted to come out of the EU in a rare example of direct democracy, namely a referendum. Every other consideration must come second to this.

From: Michael J Robinson, Berry Brow, Huddersfield.

DO we have enough Fishery Protection vessels available to cut through the nets of any EU trawlers which may choose to ignore the limits of what will become the UK’s territorial waters?