Union with Spain is only option for Gibraltar

From: John Fisher, Mount Bark Farm, Harrogate, North Yorkshire.

I SPENT all my National Service in Gibraltar from 1960-62 and, after a visit in the early 70s, spent a day on the Rock this year. The increase in construction and the number of cars using the limited space was truly amazing. While we were there, a minor traffic accident caused a traffic jam that appeared to go round part of the Rock.

The increased population and huge construction programme seems to have brought financial benefits but it has also created a difficult problem for the people of Gibraltar. In the past, closing the border with Spain was an inconvenience, today closing the border would make life on this overcrowded over-developed piece of Rock intolerable.

The only way for Gibraltar to survive in the future would be to remove the border and allow it to become part of mainland Spain. Any argument over sovereignty will not stop the increasing development which is taking place in Gibraltar.

This will inevitably over time reduce the quality of life in Gibraltar and at some point in the future the quick access to Spain will become the one and the only option.