Unrelenting stance on remaining in EU masks concern that prompted voters to choose Brexit - Yorkshire Post letters

From: Gordon Lawrence, Stumperlowe View, Sheffield.

The UK's planned departure from the European Union continues to be divisive. Photo: PA.
The UK's planned departure from the European Union continues to be divisive. Photo: PA.

Gina Miller’s latest article (The Yorkshire Post, May 21) reinforces my previous opinion of her that I’ve gathered over time from her many contributions to the media on the Brexit issue.

She presents an uncompromising, unrelenting stance on the virtues of remaining in the Brussels political fold. There seems to be no negatives, either political or economic in her unassailable belief in the rectitude of her choice. She thus stands up as the embodiment of the over-privileged, sanctimonious, myopic London-centred liberal intellectual class that despises any attempt by the populist classes to shake up their cushioned status quo.

Her column strived to encourage tactical voting in her crusade to halt the march of the Brexit Party and along the way completes a hatchet job on Mr Farage. He is depicted as a mutinous upstart with a destructive agenda to trample on all minorities and the poor, together with his central and most heinous objective of disentangling the country from the loving embrace of Brussels. I can only liken her attitude, far-fetched as it may seem, to that of the Roman oligarchy towards the populist slave rebellion of Spartacus 71-73 BC. She extravagantly accuses Mr Farage of offering a refuge for the far right and of reshaping our world in the image of that bogeyman of political orthodoxy, President Trump.

She has clearly no qualms in restoring the UK’s existing stitch-up with the EU’s bureaucratic domination of our ever diminishing sovereignty. Such epic concerns never occur to her. But that’s why our voters chose the Brexit option. It is with sheer contempt that the lady regards “the populists” who voted for the Brexit Party.

From: AJA Smith, Cowling.

Gina Miller like many other prominent Remainers from the political and media establishment are choosing to label Brexiteer campaigners as ‘hard right’. To do so is as infantile and erroneous as it would be to label those like herself who seek to overturn Brexit as ‘hard left’.

Moreover, her logic that only as a member of the EU are we able to challenge climate change and other issues is equally nonsensical. New Zealand, Australia, Iceland, Japan, Canada and scores of sovereign nation states effectively work with global bodies on these issues as we will be able to do too once we have left the anachronistic and anti-democratic EU.