Useless Trident should go now

From: Martin Whillock, Church Hill, Easingwold, York.

The Trident submarine nuclear missile system is useless militarily and politically. It is also illegal and unethical. Its weapons are so powerful just one of its warheads could flatten a city like Leeds.

It could never be used. It is not just another big stick. Now it is damaging our economy, costing many billions of pounds when the Government is cutting public spending. Any peaceful means should be used to inform the Government that Trident should go. The Census is one such opportunity. In the optional question 20, “Any other religion?”, I will be putting: “Scrap Trident Now.”

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Cyclists are drivers too

From: Howard Bannister, Levens, Cumbria,

ROGER Dobson’s letter (Yorkshire Post, March 19) appears to be perpetuating the old and illogical myth that (adult) cyclists do not drive motor vehicles. In fact, most of us do and have, ourselves, been held up by groups of cyclists, not to mention horse riders, tractors and walkers. I should like to believe that, having seen these situations from more than one viewpoint, we exhibit a little more patience and tolerance than some other motorists.

Saving swans

From: John G Davies, Alma Terrace, East Morton, Keighley.

KEN Holmes is obviously a swan lover, so why does he not understand the scientists’ desire to measure a physical attribute that may provide a useful indicator of their ability to survive (Yorkshire Post, March 19). Studies like this can only assist the conservation of these birds. He should also be aware that the Royal Prerogative originated in the 12th century because they were considered a delicacy fit only for the Royal table.


From: Barrie Frost, Watson’s Lane, Reighton, Filey.

Don Burslam says (Yorkshire Post, March 18), that as 27 countries all chose to join the European Union, with more to follow, such numbers show this must be the correct decision.

The 100th lemming was heard to utter similar logic when, with all his mates, he jumped off the cliff.