Vegan school dinners won’t help climate change fight: Yorkshire Post Letters

Should schools be serving vegan meals?
Should schools be serving vegan meals?
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From: Jack Caley, Farmer, Aldbrough, Hull.

Your recent item on providing vegan school meals for Leeds schoolchildren does fill me with some concern. The vegan culture is very vociferous and demanding, but not always correct.

Is veganism good for the environment?

Is veganism good for the environment?

These meals provided for young, developing children need to be formulated very, very carefully to replace a properly balanced diet.

Why a vegan diet is unsustainable: Yorkshire Post Letters

In any case the people providing these meals claim that they combat climate change and carbon output.

That is not correct.

A plant-based vegetarian diet does, in fact, produce more carbon. The amount of fossil fuels needed for production and delivery of plant-based diet is actually more, and the carbon retention in the soil is considerably less.

By contrast, the essential vitamins and minerals necessary in a balanced diet are provided more efficiently by grass-fed animals, especially utilising the rumen in bovine animals.

Sir David Attenborough (Neil McNicholas, The Yorkshire Post, January 21) is wrong when he says a meat-free diet would help in the battle against climate change.