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Do you trust Theresa May to deliver Brexit?
Do you trust Theresa May to deliver Brexit?
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From: Bob Watson, Baildon.

LABOUR Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell says that he does not trust the Prime Minister (The Yorkshire Post, May 6).

Well, that’s rather a laughable comment coming from someone who, I would guess, is not trusted by the vast majority of the electorate in this country.

This hard left Marxist is, in the view of many, unfit to be Shadow Chancellor let alone being totally unfit to ever have a Government role.

He, and his party leader Jeremy Corbyn, still probably cannot believe their luck to be in their current roles. The sooner they have both disappeared into the sunset, the sooner it will enable the country to breathe a huge sigh of relief.

From: MK O’Sullivan, Allerton Bywater, Castleford.

It is now confirmed that the UK will have to hold European Parliamentary elections, to the anger of many, especially Conservatives. Many are not going to back their party.

To help out here, I can suggest a suitable local potential candidate for them, with some strong plus points. He would stand out from MPs and MEPs as he is not a liar, he would not be lining his pocket with large expenses, allowance and junket claims, or claiming a large salary.

He does not make statements and later deny doing so, until it has been shown he has lied. He would not be having family members on the payroll. He is a good listener and acts on what he hears.

I suggest to the Conservative party that this modest unassuming paragon be considered for a candidacy – step forward my neighbour’s dog, Ben.

From: JA King, Thurgoland, Sheffield.

When will MPs and all other citizens of the country realise that we will never get a good deal from the EU while remaining within it, as it is not in the EU’s interest? They wish to keep us under their control and to keep us paying.

According to a Dutch MEP, we will only get a deal once we have left, as ‘legally’ we should have done on March 29 this year.

From: Peter Booth, Hale.

Theresa May was, and still is a Remainer but we voted for Brexit. She showed arrogance and incompetence during the General Election.

Now she is trying to destroy Brexit and the UK with a deal with Labour.

May has no mandate and the people want her gone now.