A waste of our energy

From: Bev Wilkinson, White Grove, Roundhay, Leeds.

The news that RTZ is to close its massive Lynmouth plant owing to projected rising energy costs should send alarm bells ringing.

Eloquent contributions from your correspondents have underlined the futility of the politically correct energy policies our Government is pursuing (often green only in respect of the gullibility in those who swallow the claims and forget the subsidies).

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We are effectively hampering and taxing the tried and tested generators into oblivion while subsidising the least reliable, efficient and most expensive ones – cutting off our nose to spite our face comes to mind.

This would be fine if our competitors in the world were doing the same.

However, while we are running down our remaining coal fired generators in the next 10 years or so the worldwide coal fired power generation is set to more than double.

Here in the West Riding as in the rest of our industrial heartlands our prosperity was built on relatively cheap and available energy.

When our last manufacturing plant is priced out of existence and we go cap in hand to the EMF for a hand-out, I wonder if our accumulated “wealth” of carbon credits will save the day?

I for one wouldn’t bank on it.


From: Beryl Williams, School Hill, Wakefield.

It seems that we in Yorkshire have the fortune to enjoy an added delight of autumn, with its colours, cosy nights and Christmas lights. Where else can be found such blessed relief from the daily spectacle of huge, rolling swathes of naked tattooed flesh we see in warmer weather?

Second class

From Douglas Telfer, Kings Road, Harrogate.

WHILE in King’s Cross station the other day, I noted that the afternoon direct rail service to Bradford had no wi-fi facilities available, unlike all other northern destinations. Is this second class treatment for Bradford-bound passengers? .