We have far too many MPs

From: John Rookes, Blake Close, Bramley, Rotherham.

REGARDING Tom Richmond’s column (Yorkshire Post, March 26), the kind of MPs we need are honest, above board, in touch with reality and straight talking.

Even the BBC’s Jeremy Paxman has difficulty getting a straight answer from many of them, if at all.

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We also need a lot lot less of them. When you consider the amount of politicians we have in both Houses and the amount the USA has, it does not add up.

Water waste

From: M Drake, Eden Grove, Hexthorpe, Doncaster.

I HAVE just returned home after a day in Leeds. I was there for a day in January as well. I travel to Leeds by train from Doncaster and was annoyed to see that a drain pipe at Leeds Station adjacent to platform 13B is still gushing out water. What a waste!

For at least three months, there has been a waste of water from this point. Surely this should be looked into by someone?

Trust question

From: Don Alexander, Knab Road, Sheffield.

WRITING about the National Trust (Yorkshire Post, March 27), John Woodcock says that within South Yorkshire’s 599 square miles nothing is represented by the Trust. There may be a small part: Longshaw and its estate in the Peak Park, which is right at Sheffield’s western edge. Longshaw Visitor Centre at Longshaw Lodge has the postcode Sheffield S11 7TZ – but is it, in fact, in Derbyshire?

In a mess

From: J Holman, Orchard Close, Nafferton.

With reference to the letter concerning litter on verges (Yorkshire Post, March 29), I, too, am disappointed at the state of the county’s litter problem. This year it seems to have got out of hand, with bad weather and cutbacks. We do understand, but please councils, do something as East Yorkshire is beginning to look very messy.