Well done for keeping passengers updated

From: Bob Watson,
Springfield Road, Baildon.

YOUR Editorial (The Yorkshire Post, September 22) highlighted the recent Passenger Focus survey which gave a very negative perspective on the frequent inability of the rail operators to provide up-to-date information on late and cancelled trains. Mention was made of Northern Rail and how it is also perceived as poor in this regard.

Whilst this may on occasions be true, it has to be said that this is not always the case, and some such incidents are handled well. Last week I travelled from Shipley to Morecambe, only to find the train delayed by 47 minutes. However, the Shipley Station staff kept passengers informed as best they could about a problem that turned out to be a faulty coupling.

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The train, when it did arrive, was a far better unit than we normally see on this line and was much welcomed.

On the journey the conductor went out of his way to explain the cause of the delay to passengers.

It then transpired that the train went to Morecambe via the Hest Bank curve, thereby missing a stop in Lancaster. As the bulk of the passengers were going to Morecambe, the arrival time there – only 22 minutes late – was a welcome bonus. This was again all explained well by the conductor. Credit where credit is due.