Wheels of misfortune

From: Roger M Dobson, Ash Street, Cross Hills, Keighley.

When are the pedal cyclists of this world going to grow up and show that they have a care for other road users and themselves?

So many of them do not realise what a pain they can be when riding two abreast on ordinary roads causing hold-ups and frustration for other motorists.

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If cyclists think themselves to be so important as road users, equal to any other motorists, then they should try driving behind a cycling club on its day out.

A ridiculous measure

From: Ken Holmes, Cliffe Common, Selby.

THE latest crazy idea is that scientists are measuring swans’ bottoms to try and find out why swans are down in numbers. Swans are protected by the Queen and I wondered if the scientists obtained her permission to put her pet birds through such an ordeal.

I know whose rear ends I would love to measure, if only to find out what size boots would fit.

Guilty charge

From: David Bentley, Pickering.

GOT your council tax bill yet? While the services have gone down substantially, the powers-that-be have done the noble thing and maintained the charge at last year’s level. Can someone please explain how stealth tax works?

Royal tribute

From: Douglas Telfer, Skipton Road, Harrogate.

HOW well deserved is the award of the title “Royal” to Wootton Bassett, for its tributes to our fallen heroes in Afghanistan and Iraq. This is one town that truly makes us all proud to be British.

Missed lessons

From: Bryan Capstick, Main Road, Hellifield.

A MODERN version of Words of the Week: “Lessons will be learned.” They seldom are.