Where is bulldog spirit in this nation of wimps?

From: John Watson, Hutton Hill, Leyburn.

HAS Britain lost its sense of purpose and proportion? Nearly every day I read in the press articles which support that theory. We are consistently being made to look like a nation of wimps.

It was Tom Richmond’s report (The Yorkshire Post, September 13) about the old lady trapped on an escalator while all the staff did nothing about it because they hadn’t been trained in “people handling”. It took a member of the public to come to the rescue.

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There was a case only recently where a child drowned because the emergency services were instructed not to put themselves in danger as ordered by the management. I don’t really know how they live with themselves when the old and young appear to be in such distress.

Recently on the news it was reported that the lady supposed to be in charge of children’s welfare in Rotherham has removed three foster children from care because the parents supported Ukip. I don’t see how a couple with so much goodness in their hearts to foster three children are going to indoctrinate them with disagreeable political doctrines.

I think the sooner we divorce ourselves from the EU, the sooner we can regain some of the old bulldog spirit which served us in good stead through two World Wars.