Where did ring-fenced £750,000 council cash go

From: Rick Sumner, chair, East Yorkshire Eye, Cliff Road, Hornsea.

I AM writing to express my disgust at the latest piece of machination by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC).

In 2003, the historic Picture House in Beverley closed its doors for the last time.

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Subsequently the ERYC sold the building to a local businessman for some £750,000 despite widespread objections by many members of the community who had wished to see the building upgraded and retained as a valuable centre for entertainment.

The ERYC assured everyone that the money from the sale would be ring-fenced and used to renovate the town’s rather down at heel Memorial Hall.

Now, eight years later, the Memorial Hall is in an even more dilapidated condition and, according to prominent Beverley businessman Michael Guest, the money is no longer available for the renovation.

This raises the question what does ring-fencing actually mean? Now, in place of a potentially excellent entertainment venue on Saturday Market with easy access to public transport and excellent parking facilities we have an upmarket ladies’ outfitters while at the other end of the town we have a now very decrepit building in an area where parking is extremely difficult.

We want to know what has happened to the ring fenced £750,000 and we are concerned that if the ERYC can avoid keeping its promises on such a public matter as this then how many other misleading actions has it carried out?