Why the case for Humber barrier is compelling - Yorkshire Post letters

From: John R Goodman, Grove Close, Beverley.

The River Humber.
The River Humber.

For 70 years, the Environment Agency has pursued a wrong policy of constantly raising the 240km banks of the River Humber to protect against an ever rising tidal surge.

More than £1.5bn has already been spent and all that has been achieved is an improved flood tidal surge protection. Any failure could result in a catastrophe of Biblical proportions.

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A tidal surge barrier across the mouth of the Humber guarantees tidal surge protection, irrespective of any global warming.

It also gives:

A hydro-electric scheme

A safe, deep navigation route along the length of the Humber.

A huge fresh water reservoir

Improved surface water drainage around the whole of the Humber estuary. The River Hull valley has never been more at risk of flooding today, than over the last 200 years.

Huge recreational potential.

British flora and fauna would flourish.

The barrier could also act as a filter, preventing pollution including plastics to the sea.

The case for a Humber barrier is compelling.

I urge the Prime Minister to promote it as one of his major projects.