Why it will be dangerous to deny the will of the people over Brexit – Yorkshire Post Letters

Boris Johnson's Brexit deal has been thwarted by MPs.
Boris Johnson's Brexit deal has been thwarted by MPs.
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From: Dick Lindley, Altofts, Normanton.

THE charade in the House of Commons clearly showed to the British people that their highly-paid representatives regard them as being simpletons whose opinions are of no consequence.

Parliament sat on a Saturday last weekend for the first time since 1982.

Parliament sat on a Saturday last weekend for the first time since 1982.

Hilary Benn should stop scaremongering and get on with Brexit – Yorkshire Post Letters

The utter betrayal of the 17.4 million who voted to leave the EU, with or without a deal, is shocking. Even more amazing is to hear these betrayers of our democracy calling for yet another referendum, despite totally ignoring the results of the first referendum.

Brexit backers will welcome resolution of Boris Johnson in stand-off with MPs – The Yorkshire Post says

The clever and devious methods used by these politicians to thwart our democracy are astonishing. Sadly they think they can betray their constituents with impunity. They are so wrong!

Boris Johnson with EU president Jean-Claude Juncker.

Boris Johnson with EU president Jean-Claude Juncker.

Broken trust is now the graver political crisis at Parliament than Boris Johnson and Brexit – Tom Richmond

Oh dear, what fools they are making of us. Not only have they overturned the will of the majority of British people, but I am afraid that their machinations are also destroying the ordinary person’s belief in democracy, a dangerous mistake to make and one that could have catastrophic results (Tom Richmond, The Yorkshire Post, October 21) for British politics and the British nation in the future.

From: Dr David Hill, CEO, World Innovation Foundation.

THE problem with Brexit is that the people do not get the full facts from the media or from our politicians.

Whether that is due to ignorance I am not sure, but the people need to know the other side of the story or otherwise they too are politically ignorant.

For when you look into the text of the Brexit treaty, all other negotiated ‘free trade’ deals agreed from around the world give the EU powers to stop any trade deal if it is disadvantageous and detrimental to the EU.

Therefore we have not achieved ‘free trade’ deals unless the EU allows them and where specifically the UK has no economic advantage over the EU.

From: Phyllis Capstick, Hellifield.

IT seems to me, as things stand, that not one of the three main political parties have any intention on delivering the democratic decision of the people of this country. Remain means Remain. Leave means Leave and nothing more. It has to be Remain fully or to Leave utterly and completely. One or the other. In any democratic country, democratic decisions must be adhered to, or we might as well give up.

From: Henry Cobden, Ilkley.

SO Northern Ireland’s DUP and Arlene Foster, who isn’t a MP, are now the power-brokers in Westminster. Did anyone vote for that?