Why Jeremy Corbyn must be kept out of power – Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Roy Harding, Bramhope, Leeds.

HAVING studied the Labour 2019 election manifesto, I have very grave concerns about the economy and education in this country.

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It promises a “revolution” but clearly wants us to ignore how most revolutions end, and the suffering of innocent people affected by the chaos that normally ensues.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn on the campaign trail in Yorkshire.

Labour’s extreme plan to end private education is terribly short-sighted and a direct attack on the human rights of parents to choose the kind of education given to their children.

Many high calibre students come to schools in Britain from many other countries and their families are a major contributor to our rich culture and economy.

Will Tory leader Boris Johnson win the December 12 election?

The result would be increased costs for education, reduced international standing and lower academic results. This audacious attempt to seize control is just another example of how closely aligned Jeremy Corbyn is with the Communist regimes he admires. We must keep him out of Downing Street.

From: John Reiner, Pool-in-Wharfedale, Otley.

I AM writing to express my concern as to the insidious nature of Labour’s election manifesto.

It contains populist measures, which will appeal to many voters; free broadband, more council houses, help with renting, no more student fees etc. These proposals are likely to divert the attention of voters away from the more radical Communist ideas contained in the manifesto. The intention is to take Britain further to the left than it has ever been before into Marxist/Communist territory.

Britain goes to the polls on December 12.

The manifesto, if implemented, would cause deep division in the country, harm the economy by discouraging investment, weaken the security of our nation and take us back to the chaotic, strike-ridden years, of the 70s and 80s.

The manifesto clearly carries the stamp of the leader of the Labour party all over it.

Do we really want to elect a government led by somebody who has supported terrorist groups, admired far left revolutionaries, condemned the killing of Osama Bin Laden and is promoting Communistpolicies?

From: Simon Gill, Cookridge Lane, Leeds.

OPEN attempts to bring discredit on America is something which I have grave concern about in relation to the Labour party.

Time after time, over the decades, we see America having to intervene, worldwide, to protect defenceless persons.

We see generosity and willingness to support persons and countries ever since their investment of resource to rebuild a post-war Germany.

Alignment with countries such as Iran, who blatantly support terrorism and oppression, shows complete disregard for human rights.

From: Danica Surtees, Hillcrest Rise, Leeds.

IT seems that Jeremy Corbyn is going to be too busy planting trees to be any use in driving our country forward. Two hundred and seventy three thousand trees a day. More than three each second. This is yet another of Labour’s numbers which they clearly haven’t thought about! If they can’t do simple maths, I hope they don’t get their hands on the Treasury. Or perhaps they think money actually does grow on trees.

From: P Beaumont, Kirk Hammerton, York.

I WAS a child of the 70s with its strikes, rotting rubbish piling up and the dubious delight of the power cuts which we children thought were exciting and fun but it was anything but for the parents!

A vote for the Labour party under Jeremy Corbyn is a vote to return to the days of the winter of discontent with its strikes, gloom and the rise and inevitable fall of the power of the unions.

From: Peter Rickaby, Selby.

COULD a law not be passed that during a general election campaign the public are not treated as imbeciles for what seems an eternity? Any promises given by politicians have to be made under oath.

Penalities to follow if found to have committed perjury.

Tell the truth or face the consequences.

From: Arthur Quarmby, Mill Moor Road, Meltham.

DURING the Second World War, the BBC gained great credit or the impartiality of its reporting.

I know that TV is a different world from radio but I have found great prejudice in BBC reporting on Brexit and, more recently, for its blatant support for Jeremy Corbyn.

Has anyone measured 
Corbyn’s air time on BBC TV
in order to contrast it with 
that is allowed to Boris