Why Ukip is logical political refuge for the canny Scots

From: TC Robinson, Abbey Lane, Beauchief, Sheffield.

I AM a lifelong friend of the Scottish people and their country; so I am somewhat concerned at all the claptrap the left wing media are coming out with saying that the Scots are rushing to join the SNP and Alex Salmond is going to hold the balance of power in Westminster after the electon.

Let us admit the Conservatives and Labour have totally lost the plot in Scotland but in spite of this the Scots two months ago in the referendum voted in favour of the Union. To think they are now rushing to join the SNP must be a lie.

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It is totally illogical to think that after less than two months they are rushing to join a party that would do exactly that which they voted against then, namely break up the UK.

It is not in the psyche of the Scots to do this. They are canny, and that is a compliment. Logically, then, the Scots should be joining Ukip ,as it is the only party not prepared to sell our sovereignty down the river and would fight with all legitimate means to hold the UK, together.

Now a word or two to Mr Salmond: he is never, ever going to hold the balance of power in Westminster. He believes the Labour Party will welcome him as a coalition partner. They possibly will but there will be no power for him to hold the balance of.

If Labour win the election then we will be in the EU and there will be no power at Westminster. Westminster will be the town hall of those islands off France, a part of federalist Europe. Our MPs will simply be expensive clerks, but then of course they are hardly much better than that now.

In writing as above, my critics will say it is my antipathy to Germany showing through the verbiage. They would be wrong.

Yes, I do only want friendly social and trading relations with Germany, but I do admire how they are the only country in Europe who have shown how the economic downturn can be tackled. They embraced Milton Friedman’s monetary policy theory, namely that if a country hasn’t the wherewithal to pay for those goods they want they do without; whereas the rest of us have opted for the Keynesian model, ie quantitative easing which in its application has shown the only way QE can succeed is if the country in question has an inexhaustible supply of financial and foreign reserves.

Ask our Canadian governor of the Bank of England whether I am right or wrong. Oh, and incidentally, it is the reason why Barack Obama now calls Angela Merkel, not David Cameron, when he wants to discuss our joint interests.