Why young Brexiteers should be embracing Europe and the EU – Yorkshire Post Letters

From: James Bovington, Church Grove, Horsforth.

I WISH young Conservative Brexiteer Alfie Thomlinson all the best with his York University studies, but am hardly surprised that the young Brexiteers whose cause he champions often feel sidelined by fellow students (The Yorkshire Post, September 7).

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I have just begun my 27th year as a teacher of languages and have always encouraged our students to avail themselves of the life-enhancing opportunity to travel, study, live and work elsewhere in Europe that Alfie appears keen to end.

Alfie Thomlinson is chair of the Young Blue Northerners organisation and a student at York University.

Why, Alfie, do you want to restrict opportunities open to you and your fellow students by creating barriers with other young Europeans? Our students, including presumably you yourself, have so much potential to offer in developing the future of our continent, so why so keen to cut yourselves and others off?

I want this country to remain a full member of the EU. It is the best deal. I believe that we should have a second referendum in full knowledge of the facts and that anyone 16 or over should be able to vote. However if I had to I would ‘settle’ for membership of the Single Market, retaining freedom of movement and a customs union. This would allow our students to continue to explore Europe and for us to be involved fully in highly successful EU-funded programmes such as Erasmus and the ESA. Why, Alfie, would you no longer want to be part of that and deny others the opportunity?

Anti-Brexit protesters mock Boris Johnson in a protest in London.

A final question. How many foreign languages do you speak? Perhaps you would benefit from a period in another European country working with the other young Europeans. Such an incomprehensible shame when intelligent young people want to diminish our social, cultural and scientific capital by erecting barriers. I just don’t get it, and I’m pushing 60.

From: Alan Chapman, Bingley.

AMBER Rudd’s resignation is blasted allover the left-wing and Remain-supporting media as a national catastrophe (The Yorkshire Post, September 9). It is nothing of the sort – simply a life-long Liberal masquerading as a Conservative has finally departed her closet.

She, like so many others on the Government benches, has always been aligned to a yellow Liberal flag, but her type have found it very difficult to get elected to the Commons for the better part of the last century.

Amber Rudd resigned as Work and Pensions Secretary over the weekend - was she right to do so?

Consequently they have infiltrated the more electable Conservative Party, using the true blue Tory flag as a pure convenience. They are all political pirates!