Williams disaster for Church

From: Alan Chapman, Beck Lane, Bingley.

Good news! The Left-wing Archbishop of Canterbury is to retire (Yorkshire Post, March 17). Not before time, Rowan Williams was a political appointment made by Tony Blair in the previous century. The plot was to spout misguided Socialist theory from the highest pulpit in the land.

Williams has been a disaster for the Anglicans – the CoE has lost 400,000 regular Sunday worshippers during his term in office, and I think it doubtful that the Church can ever recover. Rarefied ecclesiastical academic theory that 99 per cent of the population cannot understand has played a significant part in the public losing interest in church life.

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Rowan Williams hardly ever questioned the reckless Labour government under Blair or Brown. He has repeatedly attacked the present government and doubtless will do so many more times before he hands in his rod and mitre for the final time.

He goes to a relaxing job at Cambridge University, another hive of Socialist influence, from which he can attack the coalition Government using his non-existent knowledge of business, industrial and commercial experience.

I pray that the Lib Dems in the coalition are not allowed to influence the selection process for the next Archbishop of Canterbury. Officially David Cameron will make the choice – I hope he is wearing a blue shirt, blue tie and blue suit on the day.

From: Roger M Dobson, Ash Street, Cross Hills, Near Keighley.

WE Yorkshire folk can now only hope our Archbishop of York will be elevated to the position he deserves – that of the Archbishop of Canterbury – in succession to Dr Rowan Williams.

Since his appointment to York, John Sentamu has proved himself to be a true man of the people.

From: Paul Morley, Ribblesdale Estate, Long Preston, Skipton.

I AWAIT with interest the next step in David Cameron’s crusade to alter religion to fit in with the “gay” community. Same sex marriages in mosques and female Islamic religious leaders. Or how about gay Mormons with four same sex “wives”.

The possibilities are endless in our all inclusive equal society. As for the country being in the grip of a drought, I think it might be time to dust off the plans for an ark!

Two-city tax muddle

From: Malcolm Hanson, Bachelor Road, Harrogate.

SO George Osborne is “simplifying the tax system”. Might I suggest that he simplifies Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs PAYE first.

I had occasion to write to HMRC in Liverpool where my PAYE is dealt with. (I am a well over 70 pensioner).

One month later, I received a reply from HMRC PAYE in Newcastle upon Tyne. Next time I wrote direct to HMRC Newcastle upon Tyne and another month later I received a reply from Newcastle saying that they could not answer my query as all the calculations were done in Liverpool.

When I now have a query, I write to Liverpool with a copy to Newcastle. I think this completely baffles HMRC as I do not get a reply at all.

The original query was regarding my tax code. I have been a widower since August 2005 and taxed as a single person and have never remarried but for some unknown reason in December 2011 a mysterious someone in Liverpool decided that I was entitled to a Married Couples Allowance which gave me a nice tax refund.

I immediately advised the Liverpool Office of their error.but I am still trying to get it corrected. I have since repaid this erroneous refund by cheque.

From: Terry Marston, Lincoln.

NOW that the higher rate of income tax is to be cut, does George Osborne expect those who have been hiding income to avoid paying 50 pence will declare it to pay 45 pence?