Witty words at conference, but do the numbers add up?

From: John Hodgson, Oakwood, Leeds.

with REFERENCE to your Words of the Week column (The Yorkshire Post, October 4), the best one was missing.

At his speech at the Conservative Party conference, David Cameron warned us all about the election next May. He told us that to go to bed on election night with Nigel Farage would mean waking up with Ed Miliband. Brilliant. This should be repeated ad nauseum until next May.

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From: Tim Mickleburgh, Boulevard Avenue, Grimsby.

IT is clear to me that the speeches and announcements made at the recent Tory conference were designed to try and fight the threat from Ukip.

Incidentally, I would take the Chancellor’s austerity strategy more seriously if he wasn’t now proposing pre-election tax cut bribes.

From: ME Wright, Harrogate.

BEFORE we salivate too much over prospective tax cuts, should we not wait to be given details of the war on public services which will fund these?

Eric Pickles (The Yorkshire Post, October 2) has made a noble effort in saving us all £9m a year by “hot-desking with Theresa May” – whatever that may mean.

But why stop there? Parliament is the foremost public service. Could they not bray and hurl insults and numbers at each other in tents in Hyde Park? This would allow yet another national asset, the Palace of Westminster, to be flogged off cheaply to some developer, as a decidedly upmarket casino, saving we taxpayers even more millions in running costs.

From: Dr Glyn Powell, Kellington, Goole.

LISTENING to David Cameron and George Osborne’s speeches at the Tory Party conference, it became immediately apparent how out of touch these people and their party are. After four and a half years of harsh benefit and wage curbs, the financial deficit has risen, not fallen. Similarly, public borrowing has increased.

Yet, the Tories have the gall to claim that another five years of their rule would result in reduced borrowing and no deficit! This is arrant nonsense, especially when one considers that tax cuts are being offered.

Indeed, if the Tories were to win in 2015, this country’s future would be very bleak, with little 
or no manufacturing industry, slave labour wages, those on benefits facing destitution and the only beneficiaries being the already rich.