Years of peace are nothing to laugh about

From: Bob Heys, Bar Lane, Ripponden, Halifax.

A YEAR ago, you published 
my letter pointing out, in response to Europhobic criticisms of the EU, that the primary justification for its formation, namely an end to 
the rapid succession of devastating wars between European states, had been undeniably successful.

This remains the case, as the award to the Nobel Peace Prize to the European Union by a Norwegian panel long recognised as impractical and authoritative in such decisions (Norway is not a member of the EU and certainly has no axe to grind in this instance), is rightly intended to confirm.

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The likes of Tory MEP 
leader Martin Callanan and UKIP’s Nigel Farage may regard such action to encourage continuing peace between European nations as comical (Yorkshire Post, October 13).

As one who has painful 
personal memories of World War Two, I do not share their irresponsibility.

From: Kendal Wilson, Wharfebank Terrace, Tadcaster.

IT seems that the Con Dem Government are to spend an estimated £50m to commemorate the beginning of the Great War.

I believe this to be a very big smokescreen for what will be the most eye-watering welfare cuts we have ever seen.

I am not in the slightest way against anyone remembering respectfully those who gave everything for our freedom. We all have relatives who were in both wars.

However, the sum of £50m is rather shocking when 
social care budgets are slashed 
or non-existent and 
rehabilitation for current soldiers needs to be maintained to the highest level.

Right decision over hacker

From: Robert Reynolds, Harrogate.

HALLELUJAH! The lapdog awakes and snaps at the hand of its master. Gary McKinnon will not be extradited to the USA to face trial for computer hacking (Yorkshire Post, October 17).

I rejoice because the extradition agreement between ourselves and America is an affront to all freedom-loving citizens of the UK. America demands, we meekly deliver. Another Tony Blair legacy.

From: Peter Hyde, Driffield.

FOLLOWING the refusal of the Home Secretary to extradite Gary McKinnon over hacking into the Pentagon, will the MoD now offer him a post?

He must be a very clever man with skills we cannot afford to lose. If he can hack into the most sophisticated computer system in the world, then surely he will be able to devise a system that will prevent such activity against our defence computers.

At least he could be used to hack into our enemies’ messaging systems, so providing the Government with more information. Since the Americans keep things to themselves, what a boon he would be to find out information for us.

Menace on two wheels

From: Mrs A Taylor, Bishopthorpe Road, York.

IN answer to Allan Ramsay’s letter (Yorkshire Post, October 13) that cyclists should be protected from car drivers, I would point out that here in York the number of cyclists who have no lights on their bikes is massive.

It is a nightmare, particularly when not only do they not have reflectors on the rear of their bikes but wear dark clothing too.

Why isn’t there a law which 
says any cyclist should have 
not only lights but also a fluorescent strip over their clothing?

Another serious problem regarding cyclists is their liking 
for riding on the pavements 
and never thinking to use their bell in advance of passing an unaware pedestrian.

Bike reflectors, lights and 
bells should be compulsory – 
a neighbour was knocked 
down and badly injured recently when a bike rider knocked her over – he just swore at her and rode on.

From: Andrew Mercer, Oxford Road, Guiseley.

WHEN is someone going to get a grip at Leeds City Council?

The city was gridlocked on Monday. Yet no-one at the council seemed to know the cause of the problem, there 
was nothing on the chief executive’s official Twitter 
feed and the electronic signs, 
put in at great expense to 
inform motorists of any delays, were just blank.

Paying price of green energy

From: Rodney Atkinson, Stocksfield, Northumberland.

WHILE the Liberal Democrats continue to drive the British energy consumer to poverty with their massive spending on wasteful “green” energy, the Met Office has just issued data compiled from more than 3,000 measuring points which show that the world has not warmed for the last 16 years.

Pity we will be spending hundreds of billions of pounds over the next 30 years on the assumption that the world is warming! That’s David Cameron’s coalition politics 
for you!