Yorkshire king belongs in Minster not Abbey

From: Monica Dickinson, Waters Walk, Bradford.

I MUST correct some of the inaccuracies in the comments by Peter Broadley (The Yorkshire Post, March 19) on the wishes and actions of Richard III.

Richard was not born at Middleham, he spent part of his childhood there, and was given it when he was 18, it then became his permanent married home.

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His wife died in London which is why she was interred in Westminster Abbey, but there is –and never was – a tomb.

Richard’s planning of a huge Chantry at York Minster in his ‘fair city’ with 100 priests and six altars was not I believe for himself alone.

Planning it before his wife and son died, it surely was meant to hold them too and possible grandchildren.

It was quite common for royalty to be exhumed and re-interred elsewhere, Richard moved Henry VI to Windsor and his father the Duke of York was moved to Fotheringay.

In fact had it not been for the Battle of Bosworth he would almost certainly been laid to rest in a beautiful and specially designed chapel in York Minster.

Let us not insult Richard again, bring him home to his magnificent Minster as he wanted.