YP Letters: Another great year for show full of delights

From: Mrs P Frankland, Hull Road, Dunnington, York

This year's Great Yorkshire Show drew huge crowds again. (JPress).

The Great Yorkshire Show, despite the first day’s rain, was as brilliant as ever.

So much to see and do – impossible in one day.

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The WI was packed from breakfast to evening and deservedly so. The food, prize wise and quality-wise is beyond compare.

The volunteer ladies are magnificent, cheerfully serving, cleaning away, such delicious food as always, consistantly superb, of the highest quality too.

Their competitions are a joy to see, with so many competitors supporting each class.

There is so much of interest for all types of people from farming to the general public.

The fashion show was also packed out and gave us the TV vets as well as some other surpise models – delightful.

The flower tent however is now a shadow of former glories. What has happened to the Harry Wheatcrofts of this world – there was not one single rose grower.

The Flowers from the Farm is a thriving business now, so well done to them for beating imports at their own game.

The cream of the animal world were of course all there to see.

In all, a well deserved thanks to all for their effort – looking forward to 2018 and to Bill Cowling’s year as President.