YP Letters: Facebook protesters need a reality check

From: R Spreadbury, Liversedge.

Demonstrators march in New York during a protest against the election of President-elect Donald Trump. (PA)

I find the current trend of Facebook inspired protests somewhat incomprehensible. Their protests have no leaders, no strategy, and no realistic aims. Take, for example, the latest protests over the US election result.

Do they really expect the election to be declared null and void (by whom?) and that this same mythical person/organisation will install the robot snake Clinton as President?

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They really do need a reality check. What part of voting for something don’t they understand? In the real world, in taking a vote, there are winners and losers.

People all don’t just vote for the same thing, unlike on a Facebook clique.

They are brought up in the rarified world of “friends” and “likes” and with a fear of missing out) mindset and are easily outraged.

Perhaps they should engage more with “enemies” and experience “dislikes”.

Meanwhile, please leave democracy alone. If the youth want to make a difference, they should step out of their Social Media bubble, get out in the real world, join a Political Party, and try and make some constructive changes to a system they perceive as broken.