No safe way to cross the road in Harrogate – Yorkshire Post letters

From: Jim Sykes, Harrogate.

Road safety and traffic congestion remain contentious issues in Harrogate.

I REALISE that North Yorkshire County Council is concerned about reducing traffic in Harrogate but they are making the situation much worse by their blatant disregard for the safety of pedestrians.

We moved three years ago to be near our disabled daughter in central Harrogate. She lived in Trafalgar Road and we moved to Leeds Road, which is about 200 yards away.

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However, the lack of safe and convenient road crossing points meant that we were obliged 
to use our car to travel even 
that short distance, especially when she became wheelchair-bound.

The only crossing point on the Otley Road close to the Prince of Wales roundabout was an island which, given that the road widened to provide an extra lane at this point for inbound traffic, was deceptively dangerous (especially for wheelchair users).

To make matters worse, the pavements around the Prince of Wales roundabout become impassable because standing water does not drain away.

However, North Yorkshire County Council has, in fact, just made the situation immeasurably worse by removing that traffic island completely. Unless we have a safe crossing point, someone will undoubtedly be killed or maimed trying to cross these roads.