The one question anyone considering voting for Jeremy Corbyn and Labour must ask: Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Mike Smethurst, Rotherham.

The prospect of Jeremy Corbyn becoming Prime Minister divides opinion.
The prospect of Jeremy Corbyn becoming Prime Minister divides opinion.

Anybody considering voting Labour in the upcoming election should ask themselves the following question before doing so. How much am I worth? Current inheritance rules allow a moderately valued property and a reasonable amount of savings capital to be passed to your spouse and children without incurring tax.

Jeremy Corbyn hits out at Boris Johnson's response to Yorkshire floodsThis money which you will have accrued by working hard and saving all your life is, these days, often essential for the next generation to gain their own foothold on the housing ladder and should be yours to use as you feel appropriate.

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Why Bernard Ingham was wrong about Jeremy Corbyn in latest article: Yorkshire Post LettersWell, if a Labour government is elected, you can forget it. Their current plans allow for scrapping inheritance tax and replacing it with a lifetime tax-free gift allowance of just £125,000. This will bring any couple with a property worth just £250,000 into the tax bracket, without taking into account any savings they may have. This in many instances will deprive your offspring of sums into six figures.

Presumably the extra revenue will be used to fund Corbyn’s communist policies and distribute to his left-wing friends. What this certainly will do is destroy the housing market as nobody will be able to afford to climb onto the ladder.

If Labour are successful, then it really will be – “come back Robert Mugabe, all is forgiven”.

From: Peter Hyde, Driffield.

Whilst I can agree with some of the comments by your columnist Dr Jason Aldiss (The Yorkshire Post, November 4) on the failures of past Tory Governments under whose tenure we have seen police numbers cut, crime rise and difficulties arise in the NHS, does he really think that things will get better under Jeremy Corbyn?

He has failed to quell anti-Semitism within the party and will be under the thumb of the likes of Len McCluskey. Sure, he will spend money on vital issues, but where will that money come from? Higher borrowing and higher taxes that will drive businesses away.

I just cannot see Labour doing any better than our current crop of failures and new referendums on the EU, and independence for Scotland, will only serve to divide our country even further apart. We had a referendum to leave the EU so let’s get on with it.

From: JC Penn, Holcroft Garth, Hedon, Hull.

I have always thought that capitalism is a self-destructive form of government; it always requires growth in profits to continue its existence.

The human fascination with greed and selfishness feeds this situation. We produce countless products that no one really needs or wants but the mass media’s constant advertising methods, make us believe we cannot do without them.

We are consuming our planet’s natural resources at an alarming speed, these are things that can never be replaced. There must be an answer before total destruction.