Our duty to vote despite Britain being faced with the worst choice ever at this general election – Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Karl Sheridan, Old Lea, Holme upon Spalding Moor.

Not voting in the election would be a betrayal of the war generation, says reader Karl Sheridan. Do you agree?
Not voting in the election would be a betrayal of the war generation, says reader Karl Sheridan. Do you agree?

I BELIEVE I must be like the vast majority in the UK who have virtually switched off from politics. I used to be a firm socialist, but after the Blair years of spin and fabrication, I haven’t bothered voting for them since.

That famous ‘‘New Labour’’ promotion tune Things can only get better never actually happened in reality, with the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer – Tony Blair being a prime example of the former.

Did the breakdown of political trust begin with Tony Blair's premiership?

Today we are in the same situation, except this election we have far less choice and far more risk of dire consequences whichever party we vote for. I am thoroughly appalled at the wild and outrageous promises that are being pulled out the hat by each political party to gain votes.

Labour promise free internet access, but is this viable? Admittedly, like the BBC licence fee, it ought to be free for pensioners, but is this policy affordable? Frankly I have no idea of whom to entrust my vote to, yet I abhor the idea of not voting at all which would be an insult to our forebears that fought so hard to get us the right to vote.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

From: Alan Chapman, Beck Lane, Bingley.

ANOTHER stage of the Marxist Labour Party dream has been rolled out as the privatisation of BT to provide free high speed broadband at a very huge cost. Along with this new venture, Labour plans to nationalise energy, water, rail and others.

Considering Labour’s Brexit plan if they form the next government to renegotiate a new deal within an impossible six months, then offer a second EU referendum, in which they will promote Remain in opposition to their new deal, leaves me confused in relation to any nationalisation plans.

If the UK remains in Europe, the country will be subjectto EU law – this does not allow large scale nationalisation due to the EU’s competition law! The Conservatives warned it would fall foul of European state aid rules if Labour succeeded in keeping Britain in the EU (The Yorkshire Post, November 16). Thus all Labour’s nationalisation proposals cannot get off the ground.

Only the gullible could countenance voting Labour.

From: Terry Morrell, Willerby.

HAVING just read Tom Richmond’s piece (The Yorkshire Post, November 16) about Boris Johnson’s response to the Yorkshire floods, I just wonder where he will be placing his X on election day?