People’s Vote on Brexit will be ‘expensive charade’ – Yorkshire Post Letters

From: David Dunk, Nafferton, Driffield.

Will a December election settle the Brexit impasse?

JUST what is the point of holding another referendum?

Parliament has, to date, failed lamentably to implement the decision of the June 2016 vote to leave the EU. There is also no guarantee that Parliament will implement the decision of a second referendum – unless, of course, the outcome is one Parliament happens to agree with.

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Boris Johnson and his chief strategist Dominic Cummings leave 10 Downing Street.

Holding a second referendum will just be an expensive charade.

The shambolic way that Parliament has dealt with the public’s affairs, and more particularly Brexit since the referendum, destroys trust and confidence in politicians and our systems of government.

Brexit continues to polarise public and political opinion.

Our politicians need to be made more accountable to those who appointed them, and our ancient systems of government need radical reform to make them more suitable for the modern world.

From: Brian Johnston, Rigton Drive, Burmantofts, Leeds.

YOUR correspondent James Bovington and his starry-eyed vision of the EU is an illusion. Further, we have had the People’s Vote, which was not ‘advisory’ but solemn and binding.

As for all this ‘we know more now than then’, did not every household receive the Government’s own booklet, stating clearly the perils of leaving the EU? If Remainers ignored it, then tough on them.

From: Ann O’Brien, Yeadon.

IF Boris Johnson thinks he can fight an election on Brexit alone, he is wrong. For me, and many others, social care is the most important issue. We need to know the policies of each party.

From: Peter Strawson, East Ravendale, Grimsby.

I WONDER why Parliament needs to waste valuable time debating on whether they need a general election or referendum when they may have both at little more than the cost of one.

The cost saving for the electorate is in only one visit to the polling booth, and to the administration only one lot of postage, clerical work, and electoral administration. The only cost would be double the counting. There is much more than a little interest in both results.

From: Thomas Reed, Harrogate.

WHAT happens to Brexit if Britain ends up with a hung parliament (The Yorkshire Post, October 29) after the election? By abdicating responsibilities, and not delivering the EU referendum result, MPs are proving that they’re not up to the job.