Problem of parking on pavements is ignored - Yorkshire Post letters

From: LR Hirst, Northorpe Lane, Mirfield.

Do you share the view of this reader on parking?

You have printed an article about campaigners giving evidence to the Government about parking of vehicles (The Yorkshire Post, May 15).

In Sheffield, the problem of parking on pavements is out of control.

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That is not the only city or town in Yorkshire that has this problem.

Kirklees is noted for it, in certain districts not just with 
two wheels, but the full car or vans in some cases on the pavement.

There does not seem to be anyone who is official that wants to know about the problems this causes for mobility vehicles, old or infirm people and the general public, especially those with prams.

Not only that, but dedicated cycle paths which have cost millions of pounds to install are frequently being used for parking.

All of this while there are a lot of suggestions for people to cycle more. I think that I am correct in stating that pavements are 
for people to walk on, and also that cycle tracks are for bicycles and not for vehicles to park on, and it is an offence for any other use.

It would be nice to read on your Letters page about other people’s parking problems in their areas.